Trio of sterling silver beaded semiprecious stone necklaces, an example of jewelry from the Diana Collection

Striking Sterling Silver Jewelry, Beaded Necklaces, Rings and Earrings by Geologist/Designer

Jewelry that is uniquely created from sterling silver and semi precious natural stones, minerals, coral and pearls for today's sophisticated woman

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A gallery of designer sterling silver jewelry of semiprecious stone necklaces, bracelets, and earrings

Stand out from the crowd with exceptional sterling silver jewelry
by geologist/ designer Diana Abitz.

About: Diana Abitz, Geologist-designer

Diana Abitz has been interested in rocks and minerals since childhood. After graduating with a degree in geology from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas, she became a consulting geologist.

Today, family vacations focus around American history or geologic anomalies. She spreads her enthusiasm of earth science with her extensive collection of rocks and minerals as a volunteer at her children's schools. She has written four educational books for Scholastic, and has co-authored another for Andrews McMeel.

Always looking for a way to spread an appreciation of the earth's treasures, Diana has created a stylish collection of hand-selected rocks, minerals and shells to enhance the look and lifestyles of today's sophisticated woman. Her pieces represent a wonderful balance of color and shape.

These are timeless treasures from the earth. Each piece comes with a card explaining the historical interest of the stones, if any, the geologic information and the perceived metaphysical powers of the stones used to create the unique look.

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